Top Reasons To Live in Charleston SC

Top Reasons To Live in Charleston SC

One of the best cities in the US for the low cost of living, Charleston SC is a dream destination for young professionals, empty nesters, and retirees looking to downsize. It has a population about half its size, meaning lower crime rates and higher property values throughout the city. This makes Charleston more affordable than other major cities, including Boston, New York, and Chicago. As with most things in life, though, there are tradeoffs. While it is comparatively cheap to live in this charming Southern city, this doesn’t mean you will get much bang for your buck regarding food or amenities like healthcare or quality education institutions. Read this guide that showcases what to take note about living in Charleston SC.


You can buy an affordable sizeable historical home in the historic district. Properties are much more prominent here than in other cities, and they’re not as expensive. If you’ve been looking for a single-family home with a large yard and plenty of space to roam, this could be the perfect place. You’ll pay less per square foot over here and have more room than in other major cities in America. This combination will help you keep your monthly expenses low while still having an upscale lifestyle to enjoy when it comes to your property and where you live.

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It doesn’t matter what season it is, and this city looks fantastic. With a temperate climate, you can enjoy fewer snowy days and more sunny days than in other parts of the country. The summers are hot and humid, with plenty of sunny days to help keep your energy bills down over time as you have lower air conditioning and cooling costs for your home. If you’re looking for a home in one of the best places to retire in the US, this is it.


After all, it’s why people choose to retire here year after year. The area’s beauty is unmatched, and that’s why so many people want to live in one of the most beautiful cities in America. There are plenty of reasons to come and stay in Charleston, so you should talk to a real estate agent today to find out more.


In conclusion, you’ll love the low cost of living, the fantastic scenery and the quality of life in this city. Charleston SC is known as the ‘Holy City’ by many people, and that’s why you’d be hard-pressed to find another place on Earth with this kind of history and charm. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or new to buying property, trust the real estate experts at Edmonds & Associates to get you a great deal.


Charleston SC is in South Carolina, but it’s one of the best places for retiring.


Charleston SC is also one of the best places in the United States to retire.


Charleston is as safe as it gets. It’s a city where you can walk around with little worry of crime or threats to your safety. There have been six murders in Charleston this year which isn’t a huge number, but compared to other cities, it’s much lower. Some cities in the US have had numerous murders, robberies, and violent crimes this year but not Charleston SC. You can feel safe walking around at night here even if you’re alone. The drinking age is eighteen in most areas here so you can enjoy alcoholic beverages with little concern that someone will try to take advantage of you if you’re drunk and vulnerable.

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