Buy your bathroom towel and towel set for the family at RUFINO DIAZ

Buy your bathroom towel and towel set for the family at RUFINO DIAZ

A towel is a piece of cloth with a more absorbent nature that is used for drying and wiping a surface. Towels are classified into three types.

  • Hand towel
  • Bathroom towel
  • Kitchen towel

RUFINO DIAZ provides toallas de baño at high quality and with much more absorbing character.

Hand towel

Hand towels are intended to dry your hands in the washroom, after breakfast, or after face wash. It is also used as a decorative item in the bathroom. It is often placed near the sink in the bathroom, making it easy to dry your hands after a regular clean up. Choosing a decorative hand towel is difficult.

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Kitchen towel

The kitchen has several tools used for cooking and cutting vegetables. In the kitchen, your hands will be wet often. You need to dry them. So, a set of hand towels should be placed near your sink in the kitchen every day. This makes people ‘dry their hands quickly. It is also used to wash and dry off the plates and kitchen tools after they are used to speed up during the process or to prevent the formation of water spots on the dishes.

Bathroom towel

A bathroom towel is used to dry your body after a bath. It should be a high quality material. The material should be soft, best and have a more absorbent nature. so that your body will be free from bacteria and viruses.

If your body is wet, it acts as a breeding ground for bacteria and other fungal infections. If your family member is ill and you are using the same bath towel, you will also be affected by the same diseases. They spread illness from one person to another while using the same bath towel.

The way to prevent the spread of illness from one person to another person in the family is to keep a separate bath towel for each and don’t uses wet towels. Use only a dry towel to clean your body. RUFINO DIAZ has a variety of toallas de baño in different sizes and materials.

Bath towels should be changed when they are wet. If you have been using the same towel for many years, it is not effective at absorbing the moisture from your body. So you should change your bath towel when it gets old or less effective. The average time period for a bath towel is maximum of two years based on their quality.

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