5 wearing styles of a tennis bracelet

5 wearing styles of a tennis bracelet

A tennis bracelet is just another jewelry masterpiece that can add instant charm to your beauty. With this bracelet on your wrist, you can enhance your overall beauty effortlessly. It comes in various designs, and thicknesses to choose from for any special occasion.

If we talk about why, it is called a tennis bracelet, here is the short story. During the tennis match between Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova in 1987, when the bracelet of Chris’s diamond bracelet broke from her wrist, and she called for a timeout to retrieve it, since then, it is called a tennis bracelet.

As it contains a famous history, let’s know about a few wearing styles of diamond tennis bracelet given below:

  1. Pair your favorite tennis bracelet with other jewelry: If you have a tennis bracelet, you can style it in various ways and flaunt your beauty among people. For this purpose, if you are thinking of pairing it up with some other funky metal jewelry with little consideration. This way, you can enhance your charm effortlessly.
  1. Pair it with a watch: You can also pair this bracelet with your desired watch. So, put your desired watch on your wrist along with this bracelet to redefine your overall look. It is the easiest and of course, the quickest way to elevate your dull ensemble to the most stunning one. This way, you can create a unique look and stand out from the crowd without adding much effort.
  1. Style with another stake of bracelet: If you feel this tennis bracelet does not suit you alone, you can have a few stacks of other attractive bracelets along with it. For this purpose, you can choose any metal bracelet to add to your diamond tennis bracelet. This way, you can effortlessly boost your all-over sophistication without going overboard.
  1. Put on your favorite ring along with tennis bracelet: To add beyond-the-expectation charm to your ensemble, you can put your bracelet on your wrist with a ring on your finger. With the help of this style, you can create an innovative look of yourself that no one can resist without watching this eye-catching style.
  1. Wear it alone: If you want to live minimalistic, just try to wear your tennis bracelet alone on your wrist. It makes you feel so light and true to yourself.

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After reading the above styles thoroughly, we have concluded that any style you pick will go well on your ensemble effortlessly. If you are still hesitating to choose any style, leave all worries behind as all the above styles are pure and top-notch to enhance your overall ensemble.

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