Glucose Level Chart To Keep Health In Check

Glucose Level Chart To Keep Health In Check

Our lifestyle decides the healthiness of our body to tackle infections and diseases. People leading a sedentary lifestyle are prone to various health issues that eventually deteriorates their body conditions. Talking about the activities humans perform in recent times, they are unhealthy, like checking mobile phones frequently, travelling in different transport modes, etc. In this list, it is tough to find physical movement without which a healthy lifestyle is a nightmare. The primary problem of sedentary living is diabetes that everyone must be aware of by checking the glucose level chart. One can understand why lifestyle changes can prevent diabetes.

Glucose and its impact

Having food is to gain energy. This concept is linked to the conversion of food into glucose, a simple sugar present in the bloodstream. Both adults and children should have normal sugar levels that prevent various problems. The pancreas, which is a body organ that regulates glucose levels by secreting insulin helps in preventing diseases. When sugar level fluctuation starts, it gains the power to attract health issues, kidney problems, diabetes and much more.


Healthy food and living for everyone

It is an indispensable fact that the type of food and day to day activities are connected directly to the number of diseases an individual has. The first thing to keep an eye on is food. Eating fresh foods like fruits and vegetables in the right quantity can regulate sugar levels. Having more proteins or fats instead of carbs can avoid a hike in sugar levels. But, junk and fast foods increase glucose levels drastically.

An individual should be conscious of what food they are consuming in order to reduce its negative impact. Overconsumption of food is unhealthy and immediately hikes the glucose levels. Checking the glucose level chart regularly can be an additional aid for preventing a hike. The next aspect to consider is physical activity. Sitting in front of laptops or television cannot help in getting a fit body.

The more one sits in a place for an hour, the higher the risks of health issues. The initial step that one can take is avoiding sitting for hours together. Instead, going for a short walk can make their body active and burn calories too. Waking up early, getting fresh air outside by going for a 45-minute walk can enhance their health conditions.

A fast walk is preferable to reduce their risks of diabetes. People can start a workout routine to keep themselves flexible and brisk.

When and how to check sugar levels?

Individuals can check their sugar levels during the following times:

  • Soon after waking up before eating or drinking
  • Before a meal course
  • Two hours after having a meal
  • Before going to bed

With the help of a glucometer, one can check their sugar levels at home. Basically, it uses a small blood sample to test glucose levels. Consulting the doctor before starting with any lifestyle change can increase its benefits. Go ahead with your new beginning of healthy habits and minimize risks in the best way.

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