All You Want To Know About Fake Pee

All You Want To Know About Fake Pee

Just like its name, the resemblance of this substance is from human urine and which is used for passing drug tests. To check the consumption of the drugs through examining the urine is one of the popular methods. This is what fake pee is known for.

For years it has been available it’s variety has increased due to the adoption of modern technology techniques.Fake pee is similar to the real thing, which convinces people even more. The people who are willing to have clean results take the risk and use fake pee instead of using their urine.

What is it made of?

The substance, fake pee, is manufactured in laboratories for imitating real urine. The other name of it is synthetic urine, laboratory urine, artificial pee and synthetic urine. The composition, appearance and chemical properties of synthetic urine are identical to human urine. Artificial urine constitutes a sufficient quantity of ammonia, creatinine, sulfates, nitrates, urea and uric acid.

Artificial pee comes in various brands. The pH level, the appearance of original urine, specific gravity, smell and colour match the sophisticated level. The sale of synthetic urine is either done as a powder or a previously mixed liquid solution. Its respective kit contains a thermometer strip, container, heating pads for keeping the correct temperature. It is also available in a device for storing the liquid inside your clothes.

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Is it legal to use?

Most of the brands of fake urines constitute disclaimers in small text on the backside of their packages that the item is not meant to be used for any illegal purposes. However, most people don’t follow this. In the United States, it is legal to sell synthetic urine and is solely banned in Indiana and New Hampshire. It is also not legal in Mississippi and Missouri.

These moves are undertaken so that people refrain from usage of artificial urine. Still, the effect is contrary since most people feel that fake pee is more effective if the sales are regulated by the government.

Why do people use it?

Most people use synthetic urine for passing the screening of a drug test which has become one of the common requirements in various institutions. One of the common reasons behind the usage of fake pee is due to employment issues. The employers need results of screening the drug test to assure the new applicants and current employees whether they can perform their jobs properly. The failure of a drug test would lead to losing employers’ jobs since the usage of drugs is against any policy of the company. The screening of the drug is also part of the admission procedure for some academic institutions. Students do the usage of fake pee for cheating the results of drug results to hide the usage of cannabis, opioid pills and other various substances. Some people use it for hiding their medical condition and cheating insurance companies. There are different reasons why people take the help of fake pee.

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