Mouthwatering Cuisines at Confinement Food Malay

Mouthwatering Cuisines at Confinement Food Malay

These menus are popular menus as confinement food malay in Malaysia that we usually find. Although common, every time you see the pictures or too much on the Facebook newsfeed, it enhances the taste and makes this heart drool. Isn’t it? But this time, besides drooling your heart, try to fill your mouth too with these delicious cuisines. 


Satay is one of Malaysia’s most popular and famous foods abroad. Satay is a type of food that is pricked with a skewer. Usually, satay will be served with peanut gravy, sliced cucumber, and onion. 

Roti Canai  

Surely many are familiar with one very popular bread. It is one of the main meals during breakfast for Malaysians regardless of race. The bread is known as roti canai because to produce this bread; it needs to be rolled first by the bread maker.

This bread maker must have high skills to produce soft and tasty bread. It is found in confinement food malay in Malaysia.


The brains are made from fish fillets (usual mackerel) that are crushed and mixed with a mixture of spices, including pepper, garlic, onion, turmeric, lemongrass, and coconut milk. It is usually eaten with rice or directly as a side dish.


ApamBalik is a type of food cooked using special molds and can be found around Malaysia. It is also widely sold by hawkers everywhere, including night and morning markets.

ApamBalik has also been declared a national heritage food by the National Heritage Department of Malaysia.


Cendol is a very popular dessert in Malaysia. It can be found at roadside stalls only, but this cendol’s taste can be given 5 stars because this dessert never disappoints its fans.

It is made from coconut milk, green jelly made from green rice flour, ground ice cubes, and Malacca sugar.

There is also cendol served with glutinous rice, red beans, and corn. Some even serve it with durian, jackfruit, and even tapai.

Mixed Stone Ice 

Mixed stone ice is a dessert that has long been popular in Malaysia. Initially, it was made from ground ice and mixed with red beans, known as peanut ice, but it is getting more added ingredients in the ice due to the passage of time.

To complete this dish, it is mixed with condensed milk, evaporated milk poured on a pile of ground ice, and a little rose syrup to enhance the deliciousness and sweetness of this Mixed Ice.

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