The future of learning

The future of learning

Education is the most important factor that defines an individual. Not only that, it is the ability of the person to implement his learning into his own life. We have witnessed several changes in the education sector. From being nothing to knowing everything, people evolved and are continuing to develop in the course of time. Various alterations in education are only with the intervention of the government. This has created a huge need to explore critical issues in education.

Different countries have their own kind of education policy that cannot be compared with the other. In the current times, every sector is relying on technology that has changed its course of action. In times of exponential change, it is always a challenge to plan for the education of future generations. Yet, it is desirable to be ready for any kind of change. The recent coronavirus pandemic has forced schools to operate through online medium. Although it is a huge challenge, they have been doing a great job everywhere. These are testing times and the system should be created in such a way that it is open to change every decade. Let us look at the trends that we can expect:

modern education system

  • Practical learning: Rote learning is already becoming a thing of the past. Currently, the students are much smarter and require real-time examples so that they can relate to them and implement them in their lives. They should also be motivated to demonstrate their learning through the practical avenue. This will also enhance their creativity and provides them with umpteen opportunities in the future.
  • Preference to student’s choices: This is absolutely necessary that too in the future. There is no use in students learning something they are not interested in. Here, the onus is on the teachers who are instrumental in grooming the students for the future. They should facilitate flexible learning that will create an enhanced view of quality education.
  • Holistic change: Before, teachers were the only source of knowledge and education. Today, with the advancement in technology, students are able to get more information from the internet. Online learning is another aspect that binds the teachers and students.
  • Focus on competency: Any change in a student will spark once they are appreciated. Positive feedback on their skills and talents will motivate them to continue being educated and improve their knowledge. Students should be known through their competency rather than grades. The shift in mindset will definitely develop a positive impact on the lives of the students which will carry on for a long time.

The transition from traditional to the modern education system will take some time but it is definitely worth the risk as these are mandatory changes that have to be taken world-wide.

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