Study abroad with top overseas Malaysia Education Consultant

Study abroad with top overseas Malaysia Education Consultant

Today, many Malaysian students seek to study abroad for exploring foreign land & culture, a global network of peers, and the top universities of the world. The exposure they get at top universities assist them in building a better career path and have professional growth. The process and preparation for international education need proper guidance & research to get admitted to your dream university & for that, you will need an overseas educational consultant.

In Malaysia, you will find an abundance of education consultants who guide students & parents in their journey of overseas education and with so many choices, selecting the right overseas Malaysia Education Consultant for anyone can be a daunting task.

So to make the task easy for you we have compiled a list of top overseas education consultants in Malaysia.

Before we get to the list you should know how it will help you to pave the path of your international education.

Malaysia Education Consultant

How does an overseas education consultant help?

An overseas education consultant assists you in choosing the best university of the course you want to do and help you if you need a scholarship, they will help you in understanding the official process & even assist you in your paper works. They will focus on your skill development; connect you with professionals who scale your skills and knowledge that will help you survive in a foreign land. They will give you valuable feedback on your academic results and guide you on which subject you should focus on to get admission to your desired university.

They will also ensure you are fully informed about the place you are going to, so you can adapt to your life there.

Things you should look to choose the right education consultant

  • Experience and update with all the educational changes happening around the world,
  • Friendly and approachable,
  • Previous students testimonials,
  • Track record of students getting in foreign universities,
  • Focuses on a holistic approach, not just your studies and paperwork.

List of top overseas education consultants in Malaysia

Prep work

They believe in the holistic approach and give equal attention to each student, committed to making your path of international education easy and reachable. Their track record is good, many of their students are studying in reputed universities around the world. They provide education consultancy from age 5 years to 18 years so parents who want their children to study overseas can approach them and they will help in sharpening the skill and personality in your child to get in top universities.


Established in 2000 and provide consultancy to students and their parents about global education. They will help you discover your potential and assist you in taking the right direction towards your career. Their consultants are friendly and guide you till you step foot in your desired university.

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