Most common text language

Most common text language

Since the people are very busy people with their routine schedule, they don’t have time to send messages. In order to save time and to convey the message easily, they have started using some short forms. It can also be the dedication for the people who feel lazy to send messages more often. Especially these short forms are considered to be more familiar among the youngsters. Some of the most commonly used short forms for easy texting are revealed in this article. People who want to know the highly used short forms in texting can make use of the following discussion.


ASAP is one of the most common text languages which are highly used by many people in current trend. This is nothing but as soon as possible. This is highly used among the people working in IT sectors and among the students. In order to convey the message that they need things within short span of time, they tend to convey it in the form of ASAP.


This means that roll on the floor and laugh. This is another commonly used text language and it is highly used in the personal messages rather than the official texts. Many people tend to use this text in the social media pages. This is used to convey the meaning that the message which is sent by the user has made the reader to laugh louder.

ion meaning in text


In many personal and official messages, orders will be conveyed or any other requirements will be made to the users. In such case, SMH will be used for replying the message. SMH means shaking the head. This means that the reader is agreeing the things mentioned by the sender. This is used both the personal chats and official chats.


One of the most commonly used text language in order to save time is OFC which means of course. This is highly used in group chats where more people chat together and convey information. Instead of telling that I am agreeing with the message or the thoughts from the other people, the reader tends to mention it as OFC which will be short and has the entire message in it.


This is a text language which tends to have several text meanings. Here is the answer for the people who are puzzled about what does ion mean in text. It has three meaning which include I don’t, in other news and it is also a chemical formula.

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