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Most common text language

Since the people are very busy people with their routine schedule, they don’t have time to send messages. In order to save time and to convey the message easily, they have started using some short forms. It can also be the dedication for the people who feel lazy to send messages more often. Especially these short forms are considered to be more familiar among the youngsters. Some of the most commonly used short forms for easy texting are revealed in this article. People who want to know the highly used short forms in texting can make use of the following discussion.


ASAP is one of the most common text languages which are highly used by many people in current trend. This is nothing but as soon as possible. This is highly used among the people working in IT sectors and among the students. In order to convey the message that they need things within short span of time, they tend to convey it in the form of ASAP.


This means that roll on the floor and laugh. This is another commonly used text language and it is highly used in the personal messages rather than the official texts. Many people tend to use this text in the social media pages. This is used to convey the meaning that the message which is sent by the user has made the reader to laugh louder.

ion meaning in text


In many personal and official messages, orders will be conveyed or any other requirements will be made to the users. In such case, SMH will be used for replying the message. SMH means shaking the head. This means that the reader is agreeing the things mentioned by the sender. This is used both the personal chats and official chats.


One of the most commonly used text language in order to save time is OFC which means of course. This is highly used in group chats where more people chat together and convey information. Instead of telling that I am agreeing with the message or the thoughts from the other people, the reader tends to mention it as OFC which will be short and has the entire message in it.


This is a text language which tends to have several text meanings. Here is the answer for the people who are puzzled about what does ion mean in text. It has three meaning which include I don’t, in other news and it is also a chemical formula.

The Impact of Coloring Books on Mental Health

Here are some important reasons why you should spend time coloring with your child:

  1. Children express their thoughts and feelings through colors and images. Professionals have even used coloring books to help injured children in the recovery process. Coloring books are also used to help children cope with disabilities and serious ailments such as autism and cancer.
  1. Coloring awakens in your child the desire to learn new things and be creative in a positive way.
  1. Children are introduced to new shapes, sizes, and colors, which greatly aid their development.
  1. By coloring, you, as a parent, can highlight and amplify your child’s attention, as well as remove any restrictions.
  1. Coloring is something they can relate to. Since he was born, your son has been surrounded by vibrant colors and fun shapes. Whether it’s a toy hanging in their crib or a favorite cartoon of hers, kids can discover how to color.

Coloring may seem like just a distraction to your child, but it has many more benefits than keeping him sane! You can learn not only about your child, but also about yourself. Additionally, coloring alone improves motor skills, coordination, concentration, and attention.

colouring important to children

Colouring Books Blooming Online

Art plays a very important role in the mental and emotional development of a child. Many scientific studies say that art develops the right hemisphere of the brain. Children take it as fun and learn a lot in the process. In the early stages of childhood, it is important for the child to learn to read art books.

Many skills are developed within the child through art. To begin with, communication is one of the key areas that a child develops. When children draw pictures, they express any specific thoughts or experiences they have encountered at one time or another. For example: drawing at home, in a park or drawing with a picture of parents is quite a popular habit among children. They try to recall a specific incident or experience by outlining the event. Even when a child does not speak properly, art books mainly help him to communicate.

With the help of these coloring books for kids, individual problem solving skills develop quite quickly. The concept of art helps children solve a difficult problem. For example: before coloring, you need to decide what color to put on the animal or what color the house will be. Consequently, the brain is busy with many questions, including many “why” and “how”. Also, these books always allow the child to experiment and be careful with art supplies such as colored pencils and drawing pens.

Improving motor skills is one of the main benefits a child receives from reading arts and crafts books. At the very least, the little one finds it difficult to properly hold the brush or colored pencil in hand. These books give them the opportunity or encourage them to use them correctly, thus improving their motor skills. Other than that, some craft books also require a child to cut paper in a specific shape using scissors or squeeze gum from a bottle to fix paper cuts and many other motor jobs. As you complete these activities, help your child monitor all of these materials.

A Nourishing Learning Environment Everyone Deserves

In Thailand, many people are speaking in English. Even if it is not their native language, it became part of their society to engage with learning how to speak in it, most notably for the younger generation. Many countries can relate to it because of the ever-changing society over the years that have passed.

In entering into these modern times, many things were changed and developed. Surely, many people discover and realize this was happening. One of the things that anyone will find nowadays is the widespread usage of the English language. Because now, many people are learning how to speak and understand it.

If anyone compares the people’s belief and state back then to English, they firmly believe that they should stand and patronize their native language. But as the years went by, this belief widened. By seeing almost all fluent or have some knowledge about English, only proves that society already understands its importance.

English Language Learning

            The demand for learning the English language continues to increase as the years go by. That’s why there are many institutions today that are providing teachings about it. Aside from the private institutions that only provide English language learning, it is also considered a vital part of education today across the globe. It simply shows how it is important to the lives of today’s generation.

English Courses in Bangkok

            The awareness and understanding of people today into the importance of learning the English language made them highly interested. In fact, many people are entering into high-standard institutions that solely provide English courses. On top of the line is the Kings English, which is known for their great offering of the best English teachers in Bangkok. These tutors are considered as the top in the city because of their great experiences already.

            Through the 20 years of the Kings English experience, they have already established effective English Courses in Bangkok. It serves as a big help for those interested in learning and improving themselves with the universal language. In fact, many of their past students considered their institution as a nourishing learning environment. It is because of their effective way of teachings, which were most loved by their past and current students today.

Discover the Best Learning Environment

            Those who have not yet heard of the Kings English and yet are interested in it can easily search their name on the net. They have a website wherein they have posted their background information. Aside from it, all of their courses are also posted in it, which will help interested and potential students to check it right away. Through their site, everyone will discover how great the institution is, most notably when it comes to English learning. That’s why it is no wonder it is considered the top choice of English students in Thailand. But if there are certain questions that anyone is interested to know, they can raise them to the hotline of the institution. They got an email and contact number open for anyone’s inquiries and concerns. Do not get worried because they will immediately respond to every concern that their clients want to know.

The future of learning

Education is the most important factor that defines an individual. Not only that, it is the ability of the person to implement his learning into his own life. We have witnessed several changes in the education sector. From being nothing to knowing everything, people evolved and are continuing to develop in the course of time. Various alterations in education are only with the intervention of the government. This has created a huge need to explore critical issues in education.

Different countries have their own kind of education policy that cannot be compared with the other. In the current times, every sector is relying on technology that has changed its course of action. In times of exponential change, it is always a challenge to plan for the education of future generations. Yet, it is desirable to be ready for any kind of change. The recent coronavirus pandemic has forced schools to operate through online medium. Although it is a huge challenge, they have been doing a great job everywhere. These are testing times and the system should be created in such a way that it is open to change every decade. Let us look at the trends that we can expect:

modern education system

  • Practical learning: Rote learning is already becoming a thing of the past. Currently, the students are much smarter and require real-time examples so that they can relate to them and implement them in their lives. They should also be motivated to demonstrate their learning through the practical avenue. This will also enhance their creativity and provides them with umpteen opportunities in the future.
  • Preference to student’s choices: This is absolutely necessary that too in the future. There is no use in students learning something they are not interested in. Here, the onus is on the teachers who are instrumental in grooming the students for the future. They should facilitate flexible learning that will create an enhanced view of quality education.
  • Holistic change: Before, teachers were the only source of knowledge and education. Today, with the advancement in technology, students are able to get more information from the internet. Online learning is another aspect that binds the teachers and students.
  • Focus on competency: Any change in a student will spark once they are appreciated. Positive feedback on their skills and talents will motivate them to continue being educated and improve their knowledge. Students should be known through their competency rather than grades. The shift in mindset will definitely develop a positive impact on the lives of the students which will carry on for a long time.

The transition from traditional to the modern education system will take some time but it is definitely worth the risk as these are mandatory changes that have to be taken world-wide.

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