The Best And Most Trusted Whatsapp Solution API

The Best And Most Trusted Whatsapp Solution API

Access WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp opened an application programming interface (API) for business accounts. Moobidsk takes customer service, sales and marketing to the next level in Singapore and beyond by providing a communications platform that integrates whatsapp solution api. They will guide you through the WhatsApp registration process and assist you in verifying your WhatsApp account.


  • Easy-to-use WhatsApp Commerce API

Easily integrate WhatsApp into your app, website or system to send and receive text messages, images, voices, links and emojis in Singapore and around the world.

  • Fast and reliable messaging

Use the WhatsApp Business API to securely send WhatsApp alerts and notifications, communicate with customers, and provide first-class support.

  • Multi-agent support

Customer questions, requests or comments submitted through WhatsApp may be handled and managed by multiple agents at the same time.

  • Chatbot with artificial intelligence

Use chatbots to automatically answer customer questions and reduce customer service efforts. Automatically answer recurring questions to help your team focus on more important tasks.

  • Secure end-to-end messaging

Communicate securely with your customers using proven end-to-end encryption with the WhatsApp solution API. This converts the message into a secret message and it is only decrypted by the final recipient.

  • Analysis and Reporting

Gain insight into team performance with interactive dashboards and use metrics to predict customer needs and improve customer satisfaction.

whatsapp business api

Advantages of Moobidsk WhatsApp Business Solutions in Singapore

  • Improve customer experience- A comprehensive understanding of your customers is the key to creating a great customer experience. Moobidesk’s WhatsApp Business API allows agents to access customer profiles and settings such as B. Purchase history, priority airports or access to Bella instead of Isabella.
  • Improve team productivity- With Moobidsk’s WhatsApp sales solution, multiple agents can now easily manage multiple concurrent chats simultaneously and forward chats to managers when further support is needed. This is different from WhatsApp Web, where only one agent can serve one customer at a time.
  • Improve customer retention at scale- sooner or later even the most complex robots will face difficult tasks that they cannot solve. Moobidesk’s WhatsApp business solution uses a mix of bots and humans to improve customer support in Singapore and abroad, reducing downtime and response times. If the bot encounters a problem, WhatsApp messages are intelligently and seamlessly routed to the appropriate agent.

They have a plethora of clientele that vouches for its quality service. They serve many high-end clients too. Contact them today too. Get your business WhatsApp solution API integrated.

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