Used car warranty and maintenance

Used car warranty and maintenance

The guarantee on used cars does not cease if the car has several years of life. Even for cars over 10 years old there is a 12-month deadline within which the vehicle falls under warranty, again for the defects we mentioned earlier. Things to know. How long does the used car warranty last and how does it work? The Civil Code also provides for the protection for vehicles used for 12 or 24 months in relation to the damage that can affect the mechanical parts, the electrical components and that of the body used cars in sacramento.

In the case of purchases between individuals, is the used car warranty mandatory?

In the event that the purchase of a used car takes place privately, the  guarantee is not mandatory , but becomes so if a mediator has intervened, such as those who exhibit the car in their premises. In this case it will be the latter to offer the guarantee even if the transfer of ownership takes place between private individuals.

How does the used car warranty work in case of purchase from a dealer?

In case of purchase from the dealer, you will be able to enjoy a legal guarantee lasting 24 months , but the parties may agree to reduce this term up to 12 months, but this indication must be expressly reported on the purchase contract. The internet sites dedicated to the sale of motor vehicles are thematic or generalist portals, which allow the user to sell their vehicle, and finalize the purchase of a vehicle with a simple click, simply using their computer. The potential offered and the advantages of online potals are many. Depending on the sales platform you choose, it will be possible to observe the car in less detail (in some portals it is possible to examine the smallest technical details) and carry out targeted searches , selecting the vehicle model as well as the year of registration. , the general conditions of the vehicle, etc.

Find out all the maintenance costs

To find out the maintenance costs of the vehicle that we lend ourselves to buy, it will be necessary to get accurate information on the technical data of the vehicle, to understand the amount of the cost of the car tax, insurance, fuel consumption and above all the costs of maintenance that we will have to undergo in the future, such as servicing and vehicle overhaul.

Used machines: the best models

In the search for a used vehicle suitable for your personal needs and in the eventual completion of the purchase, it will be necessary to take some important precautions. First of all, when looking for a used car, it is important to have clear ideas about your real needs . We will have to have a concrete idea of ​​what vehicle we intend to view and possibly buy, by searching for it in the correct section of the web portal; we will have to know if we intend to buy an off-road vehicle, an SUV, a crossover, a sedan, or a simple segment B subcompact.

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