Tips & Tricks for Pontoon Boat Maintenance

Tips & Tricks for Pontoon Boat Maintenance

All boats are the same after all, they are all built to keep you above the water, right? Anyone who has ever owned a pontoon boat may know that there is more to it than that. A pontoon boat can be a fun and peaceful way to enjoy the water. If you want to keep enjoying the water in your pontoon, here are some important pontoon boat maintenance tips to help maintain your boat in peak form. You can also know what size trolling motor for 24 pontoon boat.

When not in use, keep your boat covered

Pontoon boats are just as vulnerable to sun damage as any other type of boat. When not in use, it is critical to cover the pontoon or store it in a dry, sheltered location if feasible. While you may go indoors to get out of the sun, a pontoon can be exposed to UV rays all day even on days when you don’t use it. It is critical to add some form of protection to retain the colour and quality.

Use the Proper Aluminum Cleaning Products

When it comes to most boats, fibreglass upkeep is the name of the game. But it is critical to understand how important aluminium is to your pontoon and how to care for this light metal. We recommend using a specialist Aluminum Cleaner to deal with all of that aluminium and get it done quickly.

Why do you need a specialised cleaner? Won’t soap and water suffice? You will want to use this cleaner for pontoon boat cleaning because it contains brightening and polishing capabilities that soap does not have. Once you have lost the appearance of aluminium, it can be tough to restore.

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Salt Water Is Not the Same as Fresh Water

When using a pontoon in salt water, some experts advise cleansing the motor after each use. Fresh water is often easier on your pontoon, but it doesn’t mean you won’t have to clean and maintain it on a regular basis. Experts also recommend waxing your pontoon every season, depending on the quality of the wax which brings us to our next pontoon boat care advice.

Always remember to protect

Cleaning is essential for maintenance, but if you don’t leave a layer of protection on your pontoon, you are just spinning your metaphorical wheels. As indicated in the preceding guideline, it is important to apply the right way. It is important to cover your pontoon. It is also critical to inspect your pontoon on a regular basis, especially once you have taken it out of the water and have space to investigate those hard-to-see regions. Also know about what size trolling motor for 24 pontoon boat

Maintain vigilance

Your pontoon boat can be both strong and serene, both restful and energising. However, a pontoon is much like any other boat in that it requires constant attention if you want to extend its life as much as possible. Keep it clean, inspect it on a regular basis, and browse entire selection of boat cleaning solutions to help keep it safe.

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