Documents to check when buying a used car

Documents to check when buying a used car

Around the world vehicle sales are increasing at a rapid rate. In most countries, the used car market is responsible for a major portion of the development. The process of transferring ownership of a used automobile is extremely difficult. Even though the number of documents required for the complete process is less but the used cars in San Diego automobile registration process is lengthy. It is very essential to check all the required documents thoroughly before purchasing the used car. Let look at details about each document for your benefit.

  • Registration certificate: The registration certificate will contain vital vehicle details such as the car’s motor and identification numbers. The purchaser must check in which state the car was registered first. If the purchaser intends to move it to some other jurisdiction, the registration must be performed there. The purchaser might want to double-check that the certificates are not a duplicate version of the Registration certificate. If it is, the purchaser must ask the owner the reason for it. Make sure you take only the original documents else you may have to face trouble in future.
  • Invoice of car purchase: The customer should receive a receipt for the car purchase. However this one will be provided if the old automobile is purchased via a corporation or dealer, it is possible that a previous owner of it will not be capable of offering it. In this case, the reseller should supply the customer with a confirmation that will suffice.

  • Insurance documents: If the purchaser needs to transfer a pre-existing insurance plan to his or her name, he or she must start the procedure long before the purchase. While the insurance is still being transmitted, the purchaser must verify to see if the premiums were paid properly, the purchaser’s claimed record, and the policy’s expiration date. The purchaser must also be aware of the policies rules and regulations, especially the exclusions. If the customer requests to get a new insurance cover for the used automobile, the procedure should be completed before the purchase to avoid a coverage gap. It must be mentioned that obtaining insurance for a second-hand car would be tough.
  • Service book: This will reveal information about the vehicle’s service records. The purchaser will also have a greater understanding of the car’s condition in terms of this. If the automobile has been maintained on a regular basis, it will be more certain to be in decent condition than a vehicle that has received irregular maintenance.
  • Receipt for road tax: The original buyer of the automobile pays the vehicle tax just once, at the registration process. If the road tax is still not paid properly, it might result in a significant consequence over time. The new purchaser may be held responsible for the very same. The road tax differs from state to state. The vendor is responsible for providing the purchaser with a road tax payslip.


Hope you will check all the documents mentioned above before buying the used car and buy the best car for you. Happy driving!!

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